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About Course

This Course is specially tailored by Photriya Venky for someone who wants to understand the key concepts of photography within a short time. The course will include hands-on demonstrations with the camera as well as basic digital image editing techniques. We will discuss the work of great photographers alongside your photographs to better understand the fundamentals of composition to create compelling imagery. Your subjects will be nature, still life, and people. Creativity doesn’t stop there! You will experience the power of Adobe Photoshop editing tools! You will retouch, adjust colors, and apply filters to make the ordinary… extraordinary!
The learner will be able to handle small to medium photography assignments once he/she successfully completes the course.

Photriya Venky
Course Details

How It Works

Course Content

Course Structure

  1. History of photography.

  2. Basics of photography.

  3. DSLR & Mirrorless camera features.

  4. Exposure. 

  5. ISO sensitivity. 

  6. Focusing techniques.

  7.  White balance.

  8. Metering.

  9. Usage of filters 

  10. Importance of lenses.

  11. Art of Compositions.

  12. Types of lights 

  13. Indoor & Outdoor Lighting.

  14. Video Filming. 

  15. Wedding Candid photography.

  16. Photo editing techniques.

  17. Social Media Marketing.  

BATCH 26 Starts on June 3 2024

Duration: 2 Months

Monday to Friday,
Class Timings:  8:00 AM to 11:00 AM  

Course Fee: Rs  49,000 /-



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“Photriya is a great platform to learn art because of the speaker - Venky, who is not only an expert but also patient in answering even amateur doubts. He is an interactive, concerned and very humble teacher. I wouldn't miss any of his workshops from now.”

- Swathi Chaithanya

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